42 Action Packed and Fun Exercises

Think, and act and be insightful like a superhero!

The deck contains 42 cards designed to help little superheroes discover and practice their inner superhero skills. The Inner Superhero Cards for Kids help children improve their true superpowers such as concentration, curiosity and kindness. As the kids play and learn the skills of real-life superheroes, they learn to explore their emotions, be compassionate towards friends and family, and feel confident in their behaviour.  There are five categories

💙 Concentration
💛 Curiosity
🧡 Encouragement
💚 Friendliness
❤️ Secret Hidden Talents

ALSO: additional 3 behaviour cards to show when behaviour has been ideal or not: red card, yellow card and green card.

The fun activities and questions are aimed at improving kids’ self-esteem, concentration, curiosity, communication skills, emotional regulation and gross motor skills. Easy prompts to help children learn life skills such as concentration, self-reflection, and good manners. 

Inner Superhero cards can be used at home with family and friends, at daycares, nursery schools and kindergarten and even at child therapy. The deck contains versatile activities and questions to inspire communication and mobility! Inner Superhero Cards have colourful and fun illustrations of unisex and genderless characters, because real life superheroes come in all shapes, colours and sizes. Suitable for children 4-10 years of age. 

They will feel like superheroes at play!


Start by throwing on your invisible superhero cloak and getting ready to practice some super secret superhero skills. Shuffle the deck, pick a card, read the instructions and start practising the superhero skills!