Dream Cards

Change your thoughts, change your life – 50 cards to help you achieve your dreams

This deck contains 50 cards designed to help you achieve your dreams. Pick a card each day and make your dreams come true! The Dream cards will encourage you, uplift your spirits, challenge you and help you focus on making your dreams a reality. Believe in yourself!

You have dreams and goals, and these cards will help you to make them become a reality. These cards will challenge you to change your thoughts and actions, to get closer to your dreams.

  • POWERFUL NLP TECHNIQUES: The cards are based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques. You will learn how to create positive thoughts and feelings towards yourself and about your possibilities in life. No circumstance will be too difficult, and no one can stand in front of you and your dreams. Your biggest obstacle in fact is you and your thoughts – and you can change your thoughts! The empowering affirmations on these cards will help you change your life!
  • THE CARDS OFFER A DAILY BOOST OF ENERGY: Sometimes you might feel hopeless and stressed or you might be so exhausted and anxious that your life will seem pointless and your dreams seem totally unreachable. The Dream Cards will give you hope and direction. They will remind you that every day is a new opportunity.
  • INSPIRING GIFT: Do you have a friend with a dream? Do you know someone who wants to reach their goal, but is lacking the courage to do so? Do you have a special someone in mind, who is always helping others to reach their dreams, but would need encouragement to go after his/her own dreams? Gift these lifechanging Dream cards to a friend, a relative or to yourself!
  • CARRY IT WITH YOU EVERYWHERE: With its compact size, this convenient and lightweight Dream Cards Deck is specially designed to allow you to take it with you everywhere you go. Simply, stash it in your handbag or backpack and have it handy every time you need it.