Don’t exhaust yourself with internal pressures – When there is too much pressure on you, this will help

If you think about the whole of your day, where is your attention during the day? On the wishes, demands and worries of others? On staying on schedule? On social media? On your surroundings (the sounds, the views)? On yourself - on your feelings and the sensations of your [...]

You can’t influence everything in life, but these 9 things you can affect

You can't influence everything in life, but these 9 things you can affect- and it will have a greater impact on your life! Life sometimes brings you to your knees, and you find yourself lower than you could ever have imagined. That's how life is. Things happen that change [...]

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Your feelings are telling you something – Are you listening?

I'm a bit allergic to the word "negative feelings". Negative means unfavourable or bad - and if something is an inevitable part of natural life, as far as I see, it cannot be unfavourable or bad. So, why are difficult and complicated emotions called negative? Perhaps, because they are [...]

The feelings you had to hide as a child are still within you

When you don't get help to go through emotional experiences as a child, you don't really learn from them. If, when a bad feeling arises, we are asked to go to our own room to calm down or to return to a social situation once  "you can be nice", [...]

5 things you should say to someone who is feeling stressed

A stressed person often doesn’t seem to deserve good words or encouragement, but that is when they need it the most. Instead of taking part in the show (reacting to the other’s stress reactions), you can help the stressed person with your encouraging and gentle words. Here are 5 [...]

Don’t waste your energy caring about what others think of you – that energy is best used on yourself

When you meet a new person, within the blink of an eye, and often unconsciously, they create a mental image of you. People may have strong images of you, even if you may have never met them. Mental images may arise on social media or through other peoples’ stories. [...]

Caring for Children’s Mental Health: Why It’s So Important

It can be heartbreaking to watch children struggle with mental health issues. Mental health statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that approximately 2.7 million children aged 3 to 17 live with depression. However, if you’re the parent of a child living with mental illness, do not be [...]

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6 Reasons to Teach Your Child the Skill of Gratitude

We are surrounded by a huge variety of things: some feel boring, some nice. However, our attention easily focuses on what is not well - this has been an absolutely essential skill for human survival. However, scanning for threats, unpleasantries, and “what I don’t have” is exhausting. Also for [...]