The strong and the outgoing person also needs to be praised and thanked – encourage the brave ones too!

I was marveling at this person who had created such amazing things, accomplished so much in her life. She was so talented! She must feel so satisfied with herself, I thought. She would not need my praise. And yet, this successful person might be looking in the mirror at night [...]

Fact: Mom’s do NOT have superpowers, moms get exhausted too

A mother of a toddler told me with pride, that she has the most amazing little family. She has a great job, a beautiful home, but she is so exhausted, she doesn't have the strength to enjoy her family and her blessings. She just wants to spend her weekends crying. [...]

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7 things you should not do when you’re tired

When you’re tired, don’t start assessing situations. When you’re tired, don’t make important decisions. When you are tired, do not  physically exert yourself. When you’re tired, don’t judge your own abilities or give  yourself feedback. When you’re tired, don’t trust your feelings. When you’re tired, don’t have important conversations. When you’re [...]

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There is no way to fulfill all the expectations demanded of you – Be merciful to yourself and have strong boundaries

Tone your muscles! Take a vacation! Relax at home! Learn a new language! Learn how to train your brain! Be efficient! Rest! Eat healthier! Bake the best merengue! Lose weight! Run! Do yoga! Jump and someone will tell you to jump higher! The media and ads will tell you what [...]

Your child doesn’t know that you’re angry because you are in a hurry, they will think you’re angry at them

I've worked very hard to be able to have peaceful mornings with my children. I hate having to rush the kids to get dressed and then rush to daycare. I realized something during one of these precious peaceful mornings. Something that made my heart sink. Me and my two-year-old had [...]

What to do when you’re stressed, anxious or busy?

Try this three-minute exercise, guaranteed to relieve your symptoms We've all been pulled into that tugging, nagging feeling in our body. An internal twist of the organs, telling you something isn't quite right. We've all overanalyzed, losing our focus and concentration in the never-ending thought loop. If we find ourselves [...]

No more buts.

I respect you regardless of what you have done. I respect you regardless of what you have said. I respect you regardless of whether or not you have made me feel anger, sorrow, bitterness, abandonment, shame, or guilt. I respect you whether or not I can see your inner light. [...]

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