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Don’t exhaust yourself with internal pressures – When there is too much pressure on you, this will help

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If you think about the whole of your day, where is your attention during the day? On the wishes, demands and worries of others? On staying on schedule? On social media? On your surroundings (the sounds, the views)? On yourself - on your feelings and the sensations of your [...]

You can’t influence everything in life, but these 9 things you can affect

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You can't influence everything in life, but these 9 things you can affect- and it will have a greater impact on your life! Life sometimes brings you to your knees, and you find yourself lower than you could ever have imagined. That's how life is. Things happen that change [...]

5 things you should say to someone who is feeling stressed

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A stressed person often doesn’t seem to deserve good words or encouragement, but that is when they need it the most. Instead of taking part in the show (reacting to the other’s stress reactions), you can help the stressed person with your encouraging and gentle words. Here are 5 [...]

Sometimes Mental Fatigue Is Worse Than Physical Fatigue – 5 Tips To Fight Exhaustion

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You are tired when you wake up in the morning, after lunch - and you are ever more tired in the evening, even if you have slept well or at least moderately. It seems that you are just and just coping with all your compulsory obligations, but then that [...]

“Some are born with a gold spoon and others with a copper spoon.”

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It does not matter what the colour or  the value of your spoon is when you embark on the egg-and-spoon-race of life. We all have our own life path, our own challenges, our own starting points, each with our own different interests and different life situations. And yet, we [...]

Many manage to do a lot – But what if managing to do a lot wasn’t the point of life?

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What do you do when you're bursting with energy? Do you enjoy the feeling? A lot of people are excellent at managing their lives. Getting their tasks done. Performing well. Accomplishing the next thing. They gather energy, so they can repeat the cycle; doing the tasks, performing well, and [...]

7 things you should not do when you’re tired

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When you’re tired, don’t start assessing situations. When you’re tired, don’t make important decisions. When you are tired, do not  physically exert yourself. When you’re tired, don’t judge your own abilities or give  yourself feedback. When you’re tired, don’t trust your feelings. When you’re tired, don’t have important conversations. When [...]