You can’t influence everything in life, but these 9 things you can affect- and it will have a greater impact on your life!

Life sometimes brings you to your knees, and you find yourself lower than you could ever have imagined. That’s how life is. Things happen that change your lives significantly: someone gets sick, dies or you face a trauma that crushes you.

Yet, as long as there is life left, there is an opportunity to make choices that may change one’s life or the lives of thousands of others in the great web and continuum of life. Here are 9 choices that you can make yourself that will have a greater impact on your life:

  1. What do you say and what do you leave unsaid?

When you meet with someone, do you dare tell them that you love them? Or do you leave it unsaid? Your decision may affect a chain of lives, tens, hundreds or thousands of lives. It can make the difference, whether life continues or not.

Sometimes your words can be a turning point in someone else’s life. For you, words may be just words, but for someone else, it may be the moment when life starts to change for the better. You may never know the impact of your words, but they matter a lot. You and your choice matter a lot.

  1. How do you look at others or do you look past them?

Your gentle and loving look can affect someone’s life so much that they carry it in their heart as a resource for the rest of their lives. Don’t look past, because that too is stored in the heart.

  1. Do you help or not help?

If you can help, please help. That simple act could be a turning point in the tragedy that is that person’s life and it can create a chain reaction of good, where future generations get to live a better life.

If you’re not sure if you can help: help just in case! You being able to help, and helping, can have a more significant impact than you could ever imagine. If a baby survives with your help, how many future lives have you saved?

  1. Do you face your feelings or not?

When faced with a trauma or difficult emotions, you can choose to face it or try to escape it. If the feeling is so great that you can’t face it and you aren’t able to be there for others, you put the burden of your feelings on future generations – it’s inevitable..

If you have the courage to release your trauma and feel your most painful feelings, you will spare the people who are close to you from the repercussions of you not dealing with your feelings. This has a bigger impact on your own circle of life than you could possibly imagine. Your feelings are important, real and impactful, don’t shut them out.

  1. Do you get stuck in your ways or do you break free from them?

You may have strong opinions or preconceived notions that you cling to tooth and nail. Sometimes, however, life throws you into situations where the question is: Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?

Do you want to be right to the extent that you are willing to sacrifice important things in your life for its sake? Maybe even sacrificing things from the lives of future generations? Are you shutting out something good that is still at its conception and beginning to blossom?

  1. Are you leaving or staying?

In each situation, you can only guess what the effects are of you leaving or staying. You can choose to stay or leave only based on the information and understanding available to you.

If you decide to leave and close a door completely, it will greatly affect you and others around you. All that has happened, before you leave and close the door, will still  have happened – past events will not cease to be true and real, even if you close the doors behind you. If you leave, can you leave without closing the door behind you? Could the past be part of who you are?

  1. What do you do when a loved one dies?

Where there is life, there is death – it touches all of us, being an inevitable part of life for us all.. When the life of someone dear to you ends, it is tragic for all who continue to live. But how you continue your life – and in fact, that you continue – is important, not only for your sake, but also for  those you share life with – and for those who will live after you.

  1. Do you reach for the bottle or not?

Many families have a tragic history involving alcohol abuse. Lives being wasted away, lost in the numbness and stupor of inebriation. Alcohol doesn’t just steal away the person who is drinking, but it also steals the security, joy, hope, opportunities from the people in their live. Sometimes unfortunately, it steals a mother or a father – the only mother or father in the world for someone.

If you cannot break the addiction yourself, you can ask for help. Do it for yourself and for all the lives it affects – now and in the future.

  1. How do you treat yourself?

Do you consider yourself important? Do you feel it matters how you live, what you do and where you are? If you think you’re insignificant, you’re probably not treating yourself well. When you treat yourself poorly, you also poorly treat all  the life that touches yours – it affects others lives too – not just yours.

Remember that the story of your life continues in your children and in all those whose lives you have touched. You are your child, you are the people you have touched.Choose to give yourself a beautiful life. Give yourself, and everyone in your life, a chance to find love: choose to move your story forward, choose to believe in love now and love  will continue to be present in the continuum of life.

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