Dream Cards

Change your thoughts, change your life

50 beautiful thought and life changing cards designed to help you reach your dreams and goals. You have dreams and goals, and these cards will help you to make them become a reality. These cards will challenge you to change your thoughts and actions, to get closer to your dreams.

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Less Anxiety Affirmation Cards

45 Beautifully illustrated cards

These cards will remind you to focus on what truly matters, even amidst a chaotic situation. Pick a card, read it out loud and reflect on the message. You can also write down your thoughts in your journal as a calming exercise.

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Empowering Questions Cards

Colourful deck of 52 cards

The Empowering Questions card deck contains 52 colourful cards with questions. You can use the cards for meditation, for writing, or in any other empowering process you like. With the help of these cards you can examine your deeper self, discover and release your inner strength and bring more energy into your life.

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Empowerment Cards For Kids

45 action packed and fun exercises

The exercises will help children to believe in their inner power and trust their bodies. They will feel like super heroes at play!

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Sleep Tight Cards

45 Exercises to Improve The Quality of Sleep

Make your bed your dreamiest place to be and sleeping your new favourite hobby!

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Stress Less Cards

Deck of 50 cards

Stress Less Cards deck contains 50 easy and effective exercises to relieve stress and deal with anxiety. The exercises make use of Mindfulness, NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) and other efficient stress management techniques in a pleasant way. The diverse exercises of the Stress Less Cards are already used by many doctors in occupational health care, psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists and trainers.

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Stress Less Cards App

Stress management on your phone

Stress Less Cards app contains 50 stress and anxiety relieving exercises. 28 of them can be listened (as guided meditation) with relaxing music playing following the spoken guidance. First 5 exercises are at your use for free.

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