45 Action Packed and Fun Exercises

Thankful Me cards for kids are designed to teach children the invaluable skill of  thankfulness and appreciation through fun play and light discussion. 

The deck contains cards in five different themes:
💙 Action
💚 Question
🧡 Emotions
💛 Think of…
💗 Complete the sentence 

Gratitude is an invaluable life skill that can be learnt. Practising thankfulness helps one notice the good and wonderful in the everyday, to appreciate the seemingly insignificant moments of life. Empowering your child with these invaluable and long-lasting skills is a priceless gift for life. Practising thankfulness as a child, the skill will stay with you throughout your life. When you start practising thankfulness as a child, the skill will stay with you throughout your life. A thankful mind fosters more hope for the future, has a more positive outlook on life, and  is more persistent and resilient when faced with adversity.

Gratitude has been shown to help improve emotional regulation, overall mood, increase feelings of happiness, and achieve better quality sleep. Daily thankfulness practices increase one’s resilience, leading to reduced feelings of stress and decreasing the risk of burnout. Though these may not seem like issues affecting children right now, the learnt habit of being thankful for the smaller things in life will stay with your child as they grow up and carry them forward in life.

Thankful Me

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