Card deck with 44 double-sided cards with affirmations and mindfulness meditation exercises

Examples for using the When You Feel Bad Cards

Empowering Questions cards

Method 1: Meditation

Use the cards for meditation: pick one card once a day – or whenever you feel like it. Shuffle the cards, pick a card and do the mindfulness meditation exercise on the blue side of the card.

Method 2: Self-reflecting

Use the cards for self-reflection. Spread out the deck, picture side facing up. Browse the affirmations and choose the one you feel most connected to at that moment. You can then reflect on the affirmation in your mind or write down your thoughts. You could write in your journal or even just a piece of paper you can discard afterwards. We siuggest flow-writing, where you just et your thoughts flow the pen onto the paper. Don’t worry about grammar,  forming sentences, or using correct punctuation: just write whatever is on top of your mind.

To finish, do the mindfulness meditation on the back side of the card to relax and finalise the process of dealing with the emotion.

Method 3: Shared reflecting

You can use the cards for shared reflection in a reliable and confidential group.  Great tool for therapy, counselling, and human resources professionals to use in their work with groups.