Card deck with 45 cards

Make your bed your dreamiest place to be and sleeping your new favourite hobby!

It is estimated that over 10 million people suffer from sleep related issues and maybe you are one of them. Is it hard to calm down after a busy day? Does your body feel restless in bed? Is your mind racing with anxious thoughts? Do you worry about feeling exhausted in the morning, after not having enough sleep? You might even dread going to bed altogether, fearing that falling asleep will take hours of your precious time.

The Sleep Tight Cards deck has 45 different exercises specially designed to help your mind and body relax. The exercises are based on Mindfulness-, visualization- and relaxation techniques. There are also a few journalling exercises to clear the mind from your worries – write them down and they’ll be safe on a piece of paper. Do the simple exercises on the cards and you’ll find it easier to calm down and fall asleep.

Using these cards on a regular basis will become a life changing habit worth having. Self train your mind and body to relax with the Sleep tight cards, and going to bed will become something to look forward to at the end of each and every day.

Sweet dreams!