A stressed person often doesn’t seem to deserve good words or encouragement, but that is when they need it the most. Instead of taking part in the show (reacting to the other’s stress reactions), you can help the stressed person with your encouraging and gentle words. Here are 5 things that a stressed person would want to hear.

1. ”You are enough.”

A stressed person often experiences feelings of great inadequacy. One’s own existence even seems to be dependent on doing and achieving goals. A person under a lot of stress wants to hear that they are sufficient, enough, just as they are, even if, on all the days of the month, they felt they had not achieved anything. When a stressed-out person hears that others believe and know they are doing their best, it immediately relieves stress.

2. ”You are wonderful.”

A stressed person rarely deserves nice words because each of us reacts to stress differently: some attack, others snipe back, and some are paralyzed. The “vibe” of a stressed person is tense which causes reactions in other people as well. It is good for a stressed person to hear something positive about themselves, as it pulls them out from their bubble of negativity. So next time you see someone stressing, go compliment them, say something nice!

3. ”Things are not as bad as they feel.”

When the fear response takes over our mind and body, our field of vision and thoughts narrow. Where yesterday one saw opportunities, today one sees only dead-ends and threats. When stress uses up our resources, it really feels like the walls are closing in and the world of opportunity is shrinking. A stressed person needs to be reminded that how you are feeling is not the reality – stress colors reality with its own shades ( often gloomier gray or even black).

4. ”Everything will be alright.”

Everything is changing all the time. In the minds of the stressed, things easily lock onto the idea that “this is how things are till the end of the earth.” And yet in reality, things change even if nothing is done to them. Sometimes, the stressed person needs a reminder that everything will be alright, because whichever way things fall into place, everything will still be alright.

5. ”Thank you!”

Sharing gratitude creates an atmosphere of gratitude. Gratitude, on the other hand, draws heavily to the present and brings a sense of trust, which in turn adds to the experience that all is well, and everything is alright.. The “fight or flee” response and “everything is fine” idea cannot fit in the same brain at the same time. Say thank you to people who are stressed, as often as possible!

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