On Fridays, on the eve of the weekend, I like to think about the phrase “do your best, it’s enough” and think about how it could be made better for the conscientious, the ones out there who are always working hard. The conscientious often do their best beyond their own resources. Putting themselves through more than they should. “Enough” has no limits, because you can always do a little better if you really try! And when you really do, try and try, and try again, you have done too much relative to your own resources.

If you identify yourself as a conscientious hard worker, it might not be worth doing your best, because optimism leads us to do too much and ends in us forgetting our own well-being. However, if you’ve already learnt where your limits are and what’s enough, you can do your best and trust that it is enough. After all, I have also traversed the journey from being overly-conscientious to finally understanding my own limits – today I know that I only do my best within the framework of preserving my own well-being – and that should be enough! For the sake of yourself, and those around you, do what you can with the resources you have, and find the balance of “good enough” without doing your best.

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