What do you do when you’re bursting with energy? Do you enjoy the feeling?

A lot of people are excellent at managing their lives. Getting their tasks done. Performing well. Accomplishing the next thing. They gather energy, so they can repeat the cycle; doing the tasks, performing well, and accomplishing the next thing. Everything in life becomes about successfully managing that cycle, persistently and efficiently executing. I’ll eat, so I can manage. I’ll train, so I can manage. I’ll sleep, so I can manage. I’ll meditate, so I can manage.

Manage what though? Life can’t be managed, it can only be lived. It’s supposed to be enjoyed, not managed. You could eat simply because you love food, sleep because you love to dream.

All your energy shouldn’t go towards the never-ending tasks ahead of you. You could save some purely for enjoyment purposes. You could look at the stars and realise that the stars shine bright, and so do you do. The energy in you connects to other energies if you let it roam freely. It enables you to be a part of this unique experience we call life.

Don’t waste your life by managing it. Don’t let it fade away like a shooting star.

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