Dream Cards – 50 cards to help achieve your dreams

Dream Cards – 50 cards to help achieve your dreams

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The deck contains 50 cards with positive affirmations, food-for-thought questions and statements designed to help challenge your view of the world and yourself, to reaffirm your belief in yourself and your opportunities, and ultimately help you figure out and begin the work towards achieving your dreams.

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Based on Neuro-linguisting programming techniques, our Dream cards are designed to help you change your state-of-mind from limiting beliefs and self-critical thoughts, to a resounding belief in boundless opportunities and unquestioning and positive self-esteem and confidence in yourself. These cards are easy to use on the go during your day, or as a reflective tool in meditation, journaling, and therapy. The Dream cards are designed to encourage you, uplift your spirits, challenge you and help you focus on making your dreams a reality.

“Life is waiting for you to stop waiting! Change your mind, change your life, make your dreams come true!”

How to use:
Pick a cards from the deck every morning  as you start your day. The cards can also be used when you journal or write in your diary. Read the message on the card, contemplate its message. Think about how the message resonates with your life right now; what were your first thoughts regarding the message? How do those thoughts resonate in you or do you feel about those thoughts?

These cards can also be a useful tool in therapy and counselling, even group therapy sessions.

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5 reviews for Dream Cards – 50 cards to help achieve your dreams

  1. Kim (verified owner)

    These cards are beautiful. Are very inspiring and straight to the point. They aren’t that thick but they aren’t that flimsy. Good to shuffle with. And good for practicing readings
    I was able to give them a twist by writing angel numbers on them. Which is great 😁💜(originally reviewed on Amazon)

  2. Angie (verified owner)

    These are great cards and made very well. They are motivational, just not quite geared towards what I would find helpful. I think many people would benefit from them and they are a neat item to use daily. They are strong and thick and as advertised.

    I have them by my front door so I can grab one every morning should I want to. These would make a great gift for someone wanting a little direction as well.(originally reviewed on Amazon)

  3. Chipper (verified owner)

    I think these cards offer a very obtainable form of Neuro-Linguistic Programming in bite-sized pieces which will not overwhelm or burden the person using them. There are 50 cards each with a special message and they can be applied to anyone’s life where the person wants to change and grow. They focus on the positives and achievable goals using brain training techniques. Well presented and very good quality. They are very portable and can be carried throughout the day or individually placed in bags, pockets, pinned to boards, or placed on fridges for inspiration and goal-making thought processes, aims, and actual achievements.(originally reviewed on Amazon)

  4. Clara (verified owner)

    I’m going through a divorce and got these cards to help inspire me on days when I found myself struggling. I get the impression you are supposed to choose a card at random, but that didn’t work for me. Messages that might be motivating one day may seem pithy and irritating the next.
    What worked for me was flipping through the cards until I found one that I liked that day to use as motivation. It worked to bring some awareness to my feelings and how they were changing day to day.
    These weren’t the only resource I used to get through those first few weeks and months, but they helped a bit.(originally reviewed on Amazon)

  5. Lisa (verified owner)

    I like these cards, they give you positive reinforcement while also giving you ideas and tasks to help you heal.(originally reviewed on Amazon)

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