Empowerment Cards for Kids – 45 Action Packed and Fun Exercises

Empowerment Cards for Kids – 45 Action Packed and Fun Exercises

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The Empowerment Cards for Kids contains 45 original exercises that will keep children interested and entertained, while learning important life values such as will-strengthening, self-love and self-care, gentleness, self-compassion, resilience, self-worth and much more!

The many fun activities and questions in the deck will help the child discover new things about themselves and help them feel more confident, in both mind and body!

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The exercises will help children to feel comfortable with themselves, mind and body. Through fun and mindful play kids will learn to foster a healthy self-esteem and self-compassion, practice body awareness and communicating feelings. Empowering Cards for kids aim at empowering kids to express themselves mentally and physically!

The cards have seven different themes: Self-esteem, self-compassion, relaxation, body awareness, feelings, fun and dreams. The Empowerment card deck can be used in play groups, kindergartens and schools. At home, the cards can be used by the child or with a parent.

How to use:

Shuffle the cards and pick one from the deck. You can also choose to pick a card from each category or concentrate on one specific theme. The exercises are designed to empower children and make them feel extra special and gifted.

The cards have been depicted with a fun and playful Power Kitty!

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5 reviews for Empowerment Cards for Kids – 45 Action Packed and Fun Exercises

  1. Erica (verified owner)

    When these empowerment cards arrived I didn’t have high expectations. They look kind of babyish. I asked my 11-year-old to do around with me. We did one of each color/category. When we were done he asked to do it again. I think we did 4 rounds. I highly recommend grabbing these. You can just take a card as a break with schoolwork or when the kids are starting to get cranky with each other or just as time with you. You can do it in a minute so you aren’t stuck in a half-hour game. We will be using these a lot more now that I finally have them a chance. The box was broken when it arrived so I’ll put them in a baggie.(originally reviewed on Amazon)

  2. Liz (verified owner)

    I am using these cards as a fun way to discuss emotions and positive thoughts with my kids. We played right after receiving them! The kids loved them. They have repeating themes, but each card in unique. Our favorites were the cards that encouraged movement while saying a positive affirmation such as “I’m brave!” A budget friendly choice with a lot of application!(originally reviewed on Amazon)

  3. Jessica (verified owner)

    Great product for building self-esteem, confidence, and all around good emotional mental health in kids. My son asks to do a few cards every morning before school, we love them!
    (originally reviewed on Amazon)

  4. CounselingDisciple (verified owner)

    As a therapist, I use these regularly with my clients. I usually use them as an end of session activity, which my clients enjoy. They can certainly be used as a session opener and many of the card statements and directives can be further explored throughout a session. I would highly recommend!
    (originally reviewed on Amazon)

  5. Rob (verified owner)

    I took a chance on these to provide a fun exercise in confidence, self awareness and relaxation for our 5 year old boy. The graphics, while seemingly steered towards girls, were fun and exciting for him and helped draw him in and engage him right off the bat. There are some good ideas for children to find their center and calm while also building confidence and self esteem. I’ve started using these atleast once a day, at his request, and front loading them on those sluggish or blue days. I’m not sure how effective they will be in the long run but they provide a positive and self affirming way to start our days.(originally reviewed on Amazon)

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