Less Anxiety Affirmation Cards – 45 Beautifully Illustrated Cards

Less Anxiety Affirmation Cards – 45 Beautifully Illustrated Cards

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The Less Anxiety Affirmation Cards deck consists of 45 colourful beautifully illustrated cards with positive affirmations. The affirmations in these cards have been selected and written to help you see life from a new perspective, contemplate what is good and what is truly important to you. They will help you find and help centre yourself when feeling anxious. These cards will  help you focus on what truly matters, even in chaos.

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The Less Anxiety Affirmation Cards deck consists of 45 colourful beautifully illustrated cards with positive affirmations. The affirmations on the cards  have been carefully curated to follow the principles of mindfulness and neuro-linguisting therapy.  They are aimed to help you achieve clarity and peace on issues causing you anxiety. The cards are easy to use on the go whenever you feel the need for comforting words and a sense of tranquility.

How to use:

Pick a card from the deck, read the message, out loud if you want to, and take a moment to reflect.

The  cards can also help you when journaling or writing in your diary. Use the affirmation as inspiration for self-reflection and introspection in your journalling.

The cards have potential uses in therapy, counselling and group sessions. Use the affirmations to encourage reflection and spark conversation.

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5 reviews for Less Anxiety Affirmation Cards – 45 Beautifully Illustrated Cards

  1. Amanda (verified owner)

    These are a pleasant way to start my day. It gives me something to hang on to throughout my day when anxiety gets high and helps address common themes that come up with anxiety. They’re great for everyone, not just those who suffer from serious anxiety issues because they are thought provoking and focus on positivity.(originally reviewed on Amazon)

  2. Tabitha (verified owner)

    WONDERFUL!! The most positive affirmations and such sturdy cards. I kept them in my car to read each morning.(originally reviewed on Amazon)

  3. Dempsey (verified owner)

    Very nice, sturdy set of cards with pretty illustrations and words of encouragement for anxious times. Pick a card at random and focus on it, or look through them all when you’re feeling stressed. The words aren’t corny, but helpful. Some will appeal to you more than others, use the ones that resonate with you. The artwork is pretty, some of the cards could even be framed or added to a mood or vision board. Would make a nice gift or stocking stuffer. They help with learning to be more mindful and not let your thoughts get the best of you. Not cheesy. Simple and useful.(originally reviewed on Amazon)

  4. Kate (verified owner)

    These are beautiful!!! As an anxiety stufferer, I love to find positive mantras and reflect on them to help keep myself balanced. These are fantastic!! The illustrations are so beautiful and make me smile just looking at them. And the quotes/mantras/affirmation are each different and allows you to flip through to one that speaks to you most in the moment.

    I showed these to my Mom who is a therapist and she plans on getting a set for her clients, many with anxiety. She really loves that the variety basically covers so many of her clients. Its something they can sit and talk together in a session or she can challenge them write about in their gratitude journals.(originally reviewed on Amazon)

  5. Chipper (verified owner)

    I have many affirmation cards to help and inspire through daily strife and trials. The cards and well made and the affirmations are intended to make you think, to support and inspire. Many people suffer from anxiety and stress, myself included, these cards can have a positive impact especially during these trying times. Affirmations are a way of instilling a new way of thinking in a positive way. It helps lift the spirit and bring confidence and peace. Ideal to keep at home and read whenever needed or daily and changing old mindsets and replacing them with new ones. Easy to pop into a bag or pocket.

    Forty-five cards. Nicely illustrated. A good stocking filler.(originally reviewed on Amazon)

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