My darling child,

When you were born, I felt like I was looking at a miracle. A new and precious life in my arms. How on earth would I be able to be the kind of mother who would not presume things about you or push you a towards a certain way, but the kind of mother that comforts you, when you stumble making your own way. How could I first carry you inside me, then carry you on me, then support you and watch you go your own way, in your own special way, which would no doubt be different than my way.

My biggest hope, for myself as a mother, is that I can make you feel special; just the way you are, not taking away anything, not adding anything. You are special even when you are kicking and screaming in the grocery store, as the sweat begins to form on my temples and the frozen ready-made-meals (which I thought I would never make you eat) start to defrost in the trolley. You are special even when you put on the brakes and decide that you do not want to go to that dance lesson that you were looking forward to.  You are special in the moments when I am not present for you, as my mind is somewhere else, or when I am in a bad mood and snapping at you. In those moments, it is hard to explain that you are special and the emotions I express are not about you, or because of you, but because of something in me.

I wish with all my heart that you will not compare yourself to your friends, and you will find your own talent, your own thing, that you will immerse yourself in.

That thing will make you feel more alive, will make you more you. Someone might call it a dream. The dream will not come true by following others or by pleasing others. I hope I can support you in accomplishing your dreams.

I hope you will never let go of your curiosity and your admiration towards the world around you. I remember that time when you sighed: “Mummy, stop, look! It’s summer and autumn at the same time!” Keep that spirit, it is a superpower that will help you on your way towards your dreams.

I hope your heart can stay open and you will always feel your way through life. I remember when you were waiting for a dear friend to come round and you said: “I can feel it in my heart that she is on her way here.” I hope you  never lose your intuition and replace it with rationality. Your heart will lead you the right way.

Darling child, please keep your mind playful. Let your mind create paths that are easy to travel. Imagine things and situations– big and small.  Train your mind to conquer all obstacles in your way. Take the steps needed, since you can do it. There is only one of you and you are special.

Darling child, do not listen to me if I, for some reason, do not have faith in you. Do not listen to me if I, for some reason, want to restrict you. I am not you and you are so much more than me. The next generation is always smarter, as it should be.

Darling child, you will grow up to be you, when you do the things that make you feel like yourself. The things that make you forget about time and place, the ones that draw you into a deeper place inside of you. Remember to have fun, joke around, laugh, and let joy fill you and burst into this world through you. Forget those who tell you, you should be different than you are.

Because you are perfect and special.

I love you.

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