Encourage Healthy Emotional and Physical Development
The For Kids card decks have been designed to improve children’s well-being skills: self-esteem, compassion, gratitude, body awareness and positivity, maintaining joy, finding one’s strengths, curiosity, concentration, courage, and emotional skills.

Empowerment Cards for Kids Thankful Me Gratitude Cards for Kids Inner Superhero Cards for Kids for kids for-kids

Sunny Present’s FOR KIDS cards are best suited for children 3-12 years of age. The cards are a fun way for kids and adults to spend time together. They provide easy prompts fo adult-directed conversation and playtime with the children which are both educational and fun for the children (Pssst! Adults learn a lot fun things from the children too! 😉 ) When the children have learnt to read, they can use the cards themselves and together with friends.

These card decks are widely used  child-carers and health professionals in a wide array from kindergartens, schools, to therapy, and even at hospitals and sports clubs.

for kids for-kids empowermen cards for kids thankful me gratitude cards for kids inner superhero cards for kids

Inner Superhero Cards For Kids 🧡 Mindfulness skills through play 🧡

Aimed at improving kids’ manners, empathy, concentration, curiosity, communication skills, emotional regulation, and gross motor skills by encouraging children to express themselves naturally. 

Thankful Me – Gratitude Cards For Kids 💚 Grow up happy with the help of gratitude skills 💚

Mindfulness cards to teach children empathy, gratitude, positive thinking, patience and compassion. 

Empowerment Cards For Kids 💙 Better self-esteem through playfulness and silliness 💙

Helping children develop healthy self-esteem and self-compassion, body awareness and relaxation, and feelings and communication.  

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for kids for-kids

Inner Superhero Cards

42 action cards for little superheroes

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Thankful Me Gratitude Cards for Kids 45 gratitude and thankfulness inspiring questions and exercises for kids for-kids

Thankful Me – Gratitude Cards

45 action thankfulness inspiring questions and exercises

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for kids for-kids empowerment cards for kids

Empowerment Cards

45 action packed and fun exercises

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