The reason we’re always in a hurry is because we haven’t said NO enough. In life, there always seems to be “important” things to take care of, one more important than the other. At some point life may feel like an endless roller coaster, where we never stop, for we are always on the go, fulfilling the wishes of others.

However, others’ expectations are never-ending. Goals and aspirations are never-ending. If you never stop to think about why you are in a hurry, you’ll run through life, taking care of things; things that may be really important to someone else, but not necessarily to you.

 HELLO! Wake up! You are not here, in this life, just to take care of things! You are here, living your own life, and should be doing the things that are important to you. Often, we may forget what we had really come here to do. In order for you to remember who you are, where you come from and where you are heading, you have to start by learning to say NO.

If you are unsure about something, if you can handle it, or if it is good for you, just say NO, to be sure. Saying NO gives you space. It gives you time to think and study the situation.

When you start saying NO to others’ requests, you start saying more YES to yourself at the same time. When you start saying YES to the things that really matter to you you start saying YES to the life that looks like you. No one else knows who you are and what you have come to do in this life. It is your job to know – or at least try to figure out – what you want from your life. The more time and space you begin to give yourself, the more the inner power within you will grow. The inner power that is essentially YOU.

When you don’t set boundaries and choose your prioritizations, you will always be a little here, there, and everywhere. You are not in tune with yourself, with your own power. You are also easily tempted to say YES, and at the same time, you may feel like you are “forced” to serve others, help others, and do more for others. Maybe you’re also afraid that by saying NO, you will be rejected, that you are not as valuable or that you are worse than others.

But guess what?! When you know how to say NO, you’re better than others! You are better, because you know where your limits are and you know what is not good for you. AND You are valuable. You are valuable, because the person you live with all your life appreciates you more than anything else. You value who you are and what you want to be.

The next time you know in your heart that you need to say NO, to honor your priorities and set boundaries in your own life, but you feel that saying no is not appropriate, breathe in and out ten times with focus. Then say the magic word NO, then, again with focus, inhale and exhale ten times.

Congratulations – this is how you serve the whole world, yourself and your life in the best possible way! Remember,  you don’t have to explain yourself. Others do not have to understand, they just need to accept and respect.

When you boldly say NO enough times, you will find that you will not be rejected. You may find that others start to appreciate you more. This is because you value yourself first. Others can sense it.

It may be that at first, setting boundaries confuses other people – especially if you’ve always kindly done everything. At some point, however, it may be that others begin to admire you – how are you doing that! 

Setting boundaries results in your inner space and power growing. Life begins to feel better, more like you.

And what have we come into life to do? Were we meant to live life like pinball balls or as creators of our own paths?

When you know how to say NO, you also know what you want – really want – to say YES to. And remember: never say MAYBE if you want to say NO – and especially – do not say YES!

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