When you meet a new person, they create an image of you in the blink of an eye and often unconsciously. People may have strong images of you even if you have never met them before. Images may arise in social media or through other people’s stories.

Images created by others arise in part from the things that are true and for the most part from the things that connect the crumbs of information together — that is, one’s own understanding. We do not perceive things as they are, but as we are. This is what other people do when creating an image of who and what you are.

So you can never know how others will actually experience you (or more precisely: how others will experience themselves through you). The other sees in you what is found in himself and what he is able to recognise. You are another person’s mirror. And yet: you are so much more than what another person can see in you based on their own experience. That’s why you shouldn’t use your own energy too much to reflect on what others think of you.

While you encounter an old acquaintance, they look at you the way they experienced you the last time you met. They weigh your words and deeds based on their understanding of the past. However, you change, and you no longer have to be what you used to be. You don’t have to revert back to the kind of person you were when you last met (although , this happens easily – especially with childhood acquaintances the roles return). Every minute changes you, years especially.

If you let others’  thoughts and images of you define you too much, you will begin to live more serving the expectations of others than in service of your own life. You are outward-looking, even though what you really are is within you. What you have within you is without interpretation. It is the truest form of you. And it is forever changing.

Stop shape-shifting your personality according to the whim of the expectations and imaginations of others, and rather be bold in what you are right now. Instead of defining yourself through the feedback you get from others, look for a connection within yourself; find what is important to you and what is essential to your life. Let your passion, love, and inner joy define how you live your life and how you manifest yourself. If the opinions and thoughts of others meant nothing to you, what would you do now? How would you be? What would you look like? What would your future life be like?

Draw your life energy from your own source of inner strength, let it spill over into everything you do and are. Be the person you really are, at all times. Allow yourself to become what you are becoming.

The rest of us need you to be more you. Otherwise, something truly significant and unique is missing from the world!

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