I was marveling at this person who had created such amazing things, accomplished so much in her life. She was so talented! She must feel so satisfied with herself, I thought. She would not need my praise.

And yet, this successful person might be looking in the mirror at night and wondering what everyone else sees in her. She might have exceeded herself and feelings of fear have started to arise. She has given her all, accomplished her dreams, but inside she trembles with uncertainty. Her heart beats simultaneously with courage and fear. In the morning she looks herself in the mirror, picks up her strength and soldiers on.

I don´t think there is anyone in this world, who does not appreciate praise, thanks or encouragement. We all have our insecurities and struggles, that we keep hidden inside of us. And yes, even the successful and lucky one, who seems to just float effortlessly through life, deserves to be seen.

Many of us strive for greater things just to be able to get the praise we so long to hear: “You did good.”

The strong ones have often had to make themselves strong. They havee had to muster the resilience to push through, because they have had no one to help or support them in their struggles. There is a constant conflict of yes or no inside of them, until someone finally says, “Thank you”. Then there is a huge sigh of relief in their heart.

If you ever think anything nice about someone, just say it out loud. And even if you didn´t think of them, try to see the good in them and then say it out loud. If we could spread more beauty and appreciation instead of envy and disregard, around us the resurces to grow would be endless. When you´re in doubt, there will be others to support you (even when they don´t know you´re doubting yourself.)

Here are three ways to thank, praise or support a friend, a stranger, a supernova passing by, a superstar, a failure or just anyone in your life:

  1. Be brave and say the positive things you think about others. It´s not about you, or your feelings when saying nice things to another person. It´s about them. Encourage others every chance you get. You have nothing to lose by doing so, quite the contrary.
  2. When writing texts or e-mails, say something nice to the recipient. Lift them up. Everyone deserves a bit of uplifting – especially during a busy workday.
  3. Leave small notes of appreciation. It´s a small yet powerful gesture. Words have power, and the ones you want to hear you also want to keep – to put somewhere where you can see them.

Who would you like to praise, thank, or encourage right now?

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