We all have hopes and dreams, but what makes them come true is the power of intention. Intention is like the Big Bang made up of thought and feeling. You can think of it as a bang that creates the building blocks for something new. You can also think of intention as a strong river tide with a clear destination. Be intentional and pursue your dreams. Here are six ways to start the Big Bang.

1- A future glimpse
Sometimes the dream begins with an unconscious thought in the back of the mind. It might feel irrelevant at first, until it becomes rational. When it does, you have the sense of recognition. “Oh yes, I’ve been thinking about that lately”. Some people call this intuition. These tiny, quiet messages in the back of your mind are worth listening to. You’ll learn to understand yourself better and you’ll learn to follow those dreams, that are often muffled behind the loud noise of the outside world.

2. Small, silent wish
Small, silent wishes are secrets dear to our heart. So dear, we find it hard to think about them, let alone talk about them. But when we do, we feel a flurry of butterflies in our belly. These dreams are still a bit scary, so your mind may be warning you about them. If so, let them be for now. The dream will grow despite the warnings, the fluttering in your belly will become stronger, and one day, the dream will be true. So enjoy the fluttering, the dreaming, the secret you keep just for yourself.

3. Conscious goal
This is the common, and maybe the most acceptable way to pursue your dreams. Many success stories are made possible by pursuing clear goals. Make up your mind about what you want, and your mind will work to conspire with you to make it happen. It is wise to be careful though. You don’t want to become rigid in your pursuits. Not everything will go according to plan or schedule, so relax and ease up a bit. Don’t fight an unnecessary fight against the forces of creation.

4. Connection
This requires only that you lead a normal life. Go meet some new people. These people might lead you to other people, who can help you realize something or help you bring your dream to life. Do something you enjoy doing. While you’re having a walk or digging the garden, you’ll get an idea you’ve never thought of before. It came out of nowhere and blew your mind! All you needed was a connection, to other people or to the things you enjoy doing. The miracle of connection is life’s way of saying: Thank you for pursuing your dreams.

5. A dream that stretches when challenged
You start with a dream that’s comfortable, possible even. But what happens, when you start stretching your limiting beliefs and making room for something a bit more challenging and out of reach? I use a visualization method, where I make the dream as big as I see it. Then I start poking holes in it, to let more air and new ideas come in. Let your mind wonder, challenge yourself, and you might find, that the first version of your dream now seems like it’s too easy! Connection to others might challenge your dreams too if you don’t want to challenge them. Give others permission to dream for you, to see what you still can’t see to be possible.

6. A dream that seems impossible
This is the hardest one of all, since your mind won’t make this easy. It’ll tell you from past experiences what’s possible and what’s not. It will create a barrier that will be hard to break through. Don’t believe in those limitations your mind creates for you. Break through that barrier and you will be closer to your dreams. When you can believe it, you will start to feel it. When you start to feel it, you will start seeing the possibilities. So be brave and fight these barriers head on. Appreciate at all the creativity inside of you. You do have it in you to start building something limitless instead of limiting!