• When You Feel Bad deck consists of 44 double-sided cards with affirmations and mindfulness exercises aimed to help deal with the feeling and start the healing process. Reach for these therapeutic cards whenever you are feeling bad.
  • The Empowerment Cards for Kids contains 45 original exercises that will keep children interested and entertained, while learning important life values such as will-strengthening, self-love and self-care, gentleness, self-compassion, resilience, self-worth and much more! The many fun activities and questions in the deck will help the child discover new things about themselves and help them feel more confident, in both mind and body!
  • The deck contains 50 cards with positive affirmations, food-for-thought questions and statements designed to help challenge your view of the world and yourself, to reaffirm your belief in yourself and your opportunities, and ultimately help you figure out and begin the work towards achieving your dreams.
  • The Less Anxiety Affirmation Cards deck consists of 45 colourful beautifully illustrated cards with positive affirmations. The affirmations in these cards have been selected and written to help you see life from a new perspective, contemplate what is good and what is truly important to you. They will help you find and help centre yourself when feeling anxious. These cards will  help you focus on what truly matters, even in chaos.