Try this three-minute exercise, guaranteed to relieve your symptoms

We’ve all been pulled into that tugging, nagging feeling in our body. An internal twist of the organs, telling you something isn’t quite right.
We’ve all overanalyzed, losing our focus and concentration in the never-ending thought loop.
If we find ourselves in a constant tug of war with our bodies and if we have a habit of overthinking, we begin to experience this as normal. The twists and turns of the body and the mind become a way of life.
If this is your situation, and you want to reset your mind-body connection to a clearer, gentler channel, try this three-step exercise.

1. Relax your diaphragm, shoulders, and face

These three parts are usually the first to tighten up when stressed. Breath in deeply, try to notice and really feel your diaphragm moving. Then breathe normally, until you can sense it relaxing. This might take a while if your anxiety has lasted for a long time. Then lift your shoulders up. Hold them up for a few seconds and then let your shoulders down, exhaling deeply. Relax your face and tongue and start shaking your head, as if you were saying no, but say YES in your mind while doing this.

2. Tell yourself it will all be fine in the end

The tenseness we feel comes from the messages sent from our brain. They are activated by fear. Calm down that fear command from your brain by giving your brain a dose of soothing and counteracting messages: “This too shall pass. I am safe. I will be ok, no matter how things turn out in the end.”

3. Commit to the task at hand

Multitasking is a huge culprit in the tendency to becoming anxious. We find ourselves doing one thing and thinking about another. This interrupts our mind-body-connection. Maybe the task isn’t that much fun and you try to escape it by thinking of something more enjoyable? Make a commitment to the task at hand and immerse yourself in it with your whole being. If you’re not doing anything, but start to feel anxious anyway, commit to your breathing. You’ll find yourself slowly relaxing, when you start to feel that you are in the right place, doing exactly what you’re supposed to do. That’s when you feel in command of your own life.