I wonder, does anybody in the last moments of life think to themselves, “Damn, I had too much fun?”


And yet, so often, when I take a look at life around me,
it seems that being serious and stern are the behavioural traits taht are valued more
than letting your happiness shine and sharing your happiness with the people around you.

Letting loose, being goofy, being joyful and laughing are the high points in life.
Joy brings vibrance and whimsical colour to life that no amount of money could buy.
Joy makes life feel more interesting, valuable and limitless.
Joy releases your inner power.

When you show your joy, you can feel its effects in your body, your mind and your relationships.
Is there anything more empowering than being joyous and laughing in good company?
The moment when your joy combines with others’ joy, the moment that build lasting memories, are the gems of life.

What if every day you had a reason to be joyeous – not just on special occasions?
What if we remembered the envigorating force joy has and we remembered to let loose and be goofy, even just a little, everyday?
What if, instead of priorotising our endless to-do-lists, we prioritised happiness?
How many times did we laugh today?
How did we let our joyousness take hold and let our inner sun shine, despite how dark the world outside was?

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