Tone your muscles! Take a vacation! Relax at home! Learn a new language! Learn how to train your brain! Be efficient! Rest! Eat healthier! Bake the best merengue! Lose weight! Run! Do yoga! Jump and someone will tell you to jump higher!

The media and ads will tell you what you need to do, right now. They know what’s best for you. They know what you’re missing out on. Work life is already demanding. A lot of us feel that there are huge expectations but very little resources. Pupils wander from one class to another. Every teacher thinks their subject is the most important one. Children struggle with all the homework; some even try to excel doing them.

I wish I’d realized as a child, that life isn’t just about one subject. Life isn’t about fulfilling other’s expectations of me. As an adult, I wish I’d realized that life isn’t about performing menial tasks.
Without healthy boundaries, you will be sucked into the rat race. Soon it will get hard to breathe. The world wants your talents, and it will take all you have to give – unless you decide what you want to give it. You must make some tough decisions.

What matters the most right now? – You cannot have it all. Pick the thing that is most important. Keep making this choice, over and over, because situations change.
What’s reasonable? – Can you do something with the utmost piety, whilst giving something else your bare minimum? Of course you can! Be reasonable.
What is your life’s mission? Does this thing serve it? – If not, don’t hold it in high regard.
What’s good for you in the long run? – Always choose the things that serve your mental and physical health.
Yes or no? – Say yes only if it’s a wholehearted yes. Say no if it will ensure you more space for the thing that your heart craves.

Life is an amazing adventure, and this world is a brilliant place to be, if you decide which journeys are meant for you. Define what you want, or if that seems hard, define what you don’t want. The more definition, the clearer the road ahead of you. You’ll shine on the road that’s meant for you!

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